Goals of Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy provides benefits by use of a non-invasive  approach. The Goals of Physiotherapy are to facilitate and maximize recovery and functional mobility following a musculoskeletal or neurological injury. Physiotherapy reaches these goals through:
  1. Reduction of pain.
  2. Acceleration in healing of injured.
  3. Maintenance or restoration of normal range of motion in affected joints.
  4. Prevention of fibrosis or soft tissue contractures in injured, weak or paralyzed limbs.
  5. Prevention of disuse atrophy during healing phases of neurological and musculoskeletal insults.
  6. Improvement of strength and function in weak and paralyzed muscles.
  7. Improved performance and quality of movement.
  8. Positive psychological effects maximizing both pet and owner’s well-being.
  9. Provision of individualized home care program to maximize functional mobility and prevent injury the owner, or further injury to the animal.

What is Physiotherapy?


What problems does a therapist treat?


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